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Six reasons why you should have a website

Important Marketing Tool

The Internet is the most important marketing tool of the 21st century. Like television, it brings your marketing message to millions of homes and businesses worldwide. Unlike television, it is interactive. It introduces the element of viewer directed exploration. When used with traditional marketing methods, the Internet can be a powerful informative marketing medium.

Build Your Client Base

The Internet invites informative exploration. A quality web site introduces your product and services to potential customers, and helps you build a larger client base.
You can offer online manuals, instructions and information about your product or service. Immediately introduce upgrades, patches and fixes. You can tell visitors how others have benefited from your product or service.

Reduce Your Costs

No need to print and ship thousands of catalogs. Now you can put your catalog on-line. With an electric catalog you can make instantaneous product and pricing changes. The PDF publishing format makes it so that your catalog is portable, and can be distributed from your web site.

Eliminate Geographic Limitations

Take your product or service out of your home town, and bring it to the world. You can compete in a worldwide market from the comfort of your home or office.

Collect Valuable Data

It is easy to collect useful data about your site visitors, including how they used your site and where they came from. You can know what key words they used to find your site, and how much time they spent on the various pages within your site.

Track Marketing Success

You can instantaneously assess the effectiveness of your marketing, and immediately make the necessary changes to more effectively promote and sell your product. The data you collect on your web site is immediate, so you can respond in a timely manner.

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