Quality Design & SEO Compliant Technology

We take design very seriously. Not only should it be attractive, contemporary,  innovative and effective, but it needs to be a reflection of you and your product or service. We include you in the design process through revisions. Our most valued objective is that the design reflects your goals and expectations. All of our sites are designed to be logical and easy to navigate, while being search engine friendly and user oriented.

We use the latest web technologies to produce the most effective search engine optimized web sites and landing pages. We use html5, css3, responsive, mobile solutions, jQuery, web fonts, Google fonts, php, asp.net and Wordpress. We build sites that adapt to the devices that your visitors use to view your site. Our goal is to get your site as high as possible on the Google search results.

Mobile Sites

With the current trend in viewing web content on mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, we build responsive and mobile sites. These are sites that automatically detect the device being used by your visitors, and adapt to the limitations of that specific device. This insures that your valued visitors are able to enjoy your content in a way that improves the experience for potential customers. We can even add mobile versions to your current web site with code based auto detection. This is not only important to provide a better experience for the clients who visit your site on their mobile devices, it is part of the algorithm that allows Google to properly list your site. Google has indicated that mobile sites are an important consideration for its listing priorities.

Social Network Marketing

Facebook has over 1,100 million users. This is a vast untapped resource of potential customers for most sites. Social Media has become an important new marketing tool. It’s an easy way to present your product and services to a potentially large audience of new clients. We set up and design a theme for your Facebook page. We also design meta tag information to present relevant information when someone shares your site. Social media helps you listen to what people are saying, including your customers, prospects, peers and competitors. This will help you to attract more customers, who you can inform by providing a personal touch, while building relationships and driving loyalty.

We also install like and share buttons to make it easier for visitors to post information about your product and services. Of course, we can also help manage content for your Facebook page.

Content Management / Wordpress

Most of the sites we build are Content Management. We often build custom Content Management Solutions to make it easier for our clients to update existing content and add new content. Our Content Management (CMS) has image upload, image resize, and thumbnail, as well as a WYSIWYG interface to enter and update text. After installing the CMS, we train your staff to use this tool.

We also build sites using Wordpress, the most popular CMS system. We customize the Wordpress theme to make it unique to your website, and relevant to your company, products or services. Using Wordpress, we can add an extremely well conceived shopping cart to sell your products and services. Wordpress allows you to control and manage every aspect of you site and content.